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Katie Holmes has escaped from the Scientology compound and found her way back onto a movie set. Variety says she’s set to work with Guillermo Del Toro on a movie he co-wrote and is now producing, called Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Of course with a title like that, you probably should.

The movie’s a thriller based on an obscure 1973 ABC made for TV movie. In it, a young girl moves in with her father and discovers she’s sharing the house with “devilish creatures”. Sounds like it’s right up Del Toro’s alley, that describes the plot of at least half the movies he’s written or produced over the past few years.

Holmes seems a bit beyond the age where she can successfully play a “young girl”, so presumably they’ll update it to “young woman” or something. Here’s how I’d do it: Dad is an invalid and she’s forced to move in and take care of him, only to discover the house infested with Satan’s henchmen. They’ll also invent some convenient excuse for why they can’t move. But seriously, if this were real, anybody would move. Maybe that’s why these haunted house movies never work for me. In reality, the first time something even remotely creepy happened anyone with even half a lick of sense would get the hell out. Creepy floating things in the night, protagonist goes and stays in a hotel, movie over.

Katie’s no slouch when it comes to horror movies. People seemed to like The Gift, though whether it’s because they actually liked the movie or because they liked Katie’s nipples is probably open to interpretation. It’s unlikely she’ll gift Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark with another topless celebrity box office draw.

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