The Hunger Games Catching Fire Poster

Sure, this new poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire isn't exactly the most thrilling we've ever seen. It's basically just the teaser design that came out back when the film was first announced that has been Photoshopped with a picture of Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen in her signature pose. But seeing as this is what's being called the final poster for the movie, we feel the need to pay tribute (get it?).

Truthfully none of the one-sheets for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel have been that thrilling, but that may be because the marketing team has been putting more focus on different poster series. Earlier this year they released a series of Victory Tour portraits that highlighted the impressive ensemble of actors that would be returning for part two:

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Katniss Portrait

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Peeta Portrait

And then there was the run that showed off the new tributes that would be going into the Hunger Games:

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Finnick Tribute

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Johanna Tribute

There was some applied marketing strategy in the unveiling of both of these poster sets, unlike what we see in the newest design. One positive thing I will say about the one at the top, however, is that is has been used in this cool international poster mosaic that was put together on the movie's official Facebook page:

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Poster Mosaic

Adapted from the second book in Suzanne Collins' trilogy by Simon Beaufoy, Michael deBruyn, and Scott Frank, the film finds Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) still being celebrated for their win during the 74th annual Hunger Games, which is bad news for the Panem government and President Snow (Donald Sutherland). The two heroes are being seen as leaders of a revolutionary movement that could end the government's fascist stranglehold on the nation. But with the special 75th Annaul Hunger Games - also known as the Quarter Quell - soon set to take place, Snow sees an opportunity to get rid of the rebellious threat. Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, and Stanley Tucci will all reprise their roles from the first movie, while new additions to the cast include Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Sam Claflin, and Jena Malone.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be in theaters on November 22nd.

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