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Even though it closed last fall's Toronto Film Festival and stars two of the world's most famous people, Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington, Massy Tadjedin's infidelity drama Last Night has had trouble finding a distributor, mostly because it is owned by the floundering, just-exploiting-our-back-catalog Miramax Films. Now a brand-new distributor based in the neighborhood where the movie is set has stepped up to the rescue. In a press release Miramax and Tribeca Film have announced they'll team up to release the film both on-demand and in theaters starting this spring.

Tribeca Film will actually be distributing the film, and though they've previously released a handful of films for limited repertory engagements in New York and L.A., this will be the widest distribution yet for the company also behind the annual Tribeca Film Festival. Miramax will release it on DVD and digitally in the long-term. The partnership is exciting and unusual, but also hugely promising for a lot of independent films that thought they had lost a major option when Miramax started weirdly focusing only on remaking the movies it already owns.

In Last Night Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington star as a well-off New York City couple who are separated from one night, he on a business trip with a comely and flirtatious colleague (Eva Mendes) and she reuniting with an old French boyfriend (Guillaume Canet) who still carries a torch. The entire film hinges on "will they or won't they?" while sustaining a romantic, pensive mood; reviewing it from Toronto Cinematical wrote that "it should be a guideline for what separates a tired story from an engaging new adventure." Now, after looking like it would languish on the shelf forever, Last Night will finally get its chance to enthrall new audiences.

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