Americans everywhere are still slaving away in cubicles under fluorescent lights and wasting their lives in soulless offices, but when was the last time anyone doing so compared themselves to Dilbert? The bespectacled cartoon character became a big hit in the late 90s for some reason, and for a while every office park had a Dilbert mug or calendar in there, somehow intended to make the day go by faster. But Dilbert's time has passed, replaced by The Office and the cult status of Office Space as a symbol of our frustration with menial office lives.

But wait-- it may not be too late for a Dilbert movie after all. Not only that, but Pajiba reports that Ken Kwapis, who has directed several episodes of The Office, is the one interested in making it happen. Their source claims that Phoenix Entertainment is developing a live-action Dilbert with Kwapis attached to direct. I'll give you a moment of stunned silence before moving on.

Kwapis is actually fairly in-demand as a director, working on Everybody Loves Whales with Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski as we speak, and going back to Dunder Mifflin to direct a few episodes once in a while. Sure, he could make room in his schedule to make a Dilbert movie happen... but why? It would be like someone finally getting around to making an Ally McBeal movie, or an animated series based on the Beanie Babies. Dilbert is so very 90s that I'd frankly kind of forgotten he ever existed. Is there any possible way of not making Dilbert feel like a complete relic?

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