Godzilla 2014
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Was Sold On The Same Comic Con Teaser We Were
Taylor-Johnson admitted to me he was at first reluctant to take on Godzilla, saying, "I guess there was an initial thought of, 'Hang on, what? They’re going to do another Godzilla? Why?'" What piqued his interest was director Gareth Edwards. As an admirer of Edwards' first feature Monsters, Taylor-Johnson agreed to take a meeting with him. There, Edwards not only shared his passion for the project, but also a teaser of how he wanted it to look. Taylor-Johnson recounted, "I watched that (teaser) and it was beautifully shot. It was interesting."

This was the same teaser that played at Comic Con, and thrilled crowds. It sold Taylor-Johnson, who saw Godzilla wouldn't just be another monster movie, not with Edwards at the helm. He added that the Edwards' visual effects prowess was impressive, but that's not what won him over. "It was literally just being able to explain how he can shoot Godzilla on a big scale, but also do it from a really different perspective, the same way Monsters is really raw, from a person’s perspective. So, it was just a really gritty way of shooting a monster movie."

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