David Cronenberg's netx film Cosmopolis has been in the works for nearly a year now with a mounting cast of talented actors filling in the ranks. The latest, according to ShowBlitz, will be Kevin Durand, better known to those Lostaholics as Martin Keamy, head grunt for the evil Charles Widmore. Durand also appeared in the unfortunate X-Men Origins: Wolverine and more recently Legion.

Durand will return to human form for Cosmopolis, playing a bodyguard to a millionaire (Robert Pattinson) who spends a day in a limo on his way to get a haircut and manages to lose his fortune along the way. Other cast members include Jay Baruchel, Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti, and several others that will surely make this a movie to look out for.

Cronenberg, who has been making batshit crazy movies since 1977, and compared to his previous archive of work like Videodrome and The Fly, Cosmopolis seems tame. Though recently Cronenberg gave us A History of Violence and Eastern Promises so it’s not quite as shocking to see him taking something on that takes place in the realm of the real.

With the cast filling out nicely the production start date should be fast approaching. Expect more news on Cosmopolis in the near future.

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