Back in December, Kevin Smith said Merry Christmas by releasing a teaser for his upcoming foray into the horror realm, Red State, but apparently he felt that it wasn’t good enough on its own so he slapped an intro on there and rereleased it. The introduction itself is fun and light like we all know Kevin Smith likes to keep things, but ultimately it detracts from the experience of the trailer. I suggest watching the original HERE.

Red State boasts the incomparable John Goodman, Kevin Pollack and Stephen Root, while Smith not-surprisingly rounds out the cast with his wife Jennifer Schwalbach Smith. I’m pretty excited about this one regardless of the fact that his last film Cop Out was a giant misfire; you'd think he'd be trying to prove something for the future with Red State, but since he announced at Sundance that his next film Hit Somebody will be his last, he may just be trying to go out on a high note. Scope out the teaser below or in HD over at Apple, ignore the intro, and sound off in the comments about your anticipation for Red State.

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