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Kevin Smith’s next movie is a horror film about Evangelical cult leaders named Red State, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing on his mind. In a post over on his message board, the big, bearded Clerks director announced that he’s just finished writing a new comedy.

Kev says, “Finished a script a few minutes ago. The comedy. 146 pages. I'll spend tomorrow taming it down to 120 pages or so. It's really funny, really dirty, and really touching stuff. Granted, I'm biased.” He’s since turned the script over to his producer and partner Scott Mosier, and Smith says Mosier loved it. But then he’s Scott Mosier. Loving Kevin Smith’s work is sort of his job.

Some have speculated that he might drop Red State in favor of doing this mystery comedy, but Kevin makes it pretty clear that Red State is next in his post. He finishes it by saying: “Now, onto Red State.” So presumably this comedy will hang around in Mosier’s desk until Kevin is pissing off crazy cult leaders. I’m excited to see what will happen with Smith meets horror, and the way he’s teased Red State by saying it’s “informed” by a homophobic Evengelical only ups the ante even more. But after the greatness of Clerks II, who wouldn’t want to see another Kevin Smith comedy too?

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