Unlike, say, Christopher Nolan, Kevin Smith typically has no problem discussing his upcoming projects at length. If you ask him a question on Twitter, he's more than likely to answer it. Since Red State has been in production, however, he's managed to keep rather quiet (with the exception being the first photo that he posted last week). Last night, however, the Clerks director broke out and spilled quite a bit about upcoming horror flick.

Answering a barrage of questions from fans on his Twitter account, Smith released the following bits of information:
  • John Goodman's first day on the film is today, and they are going to get him ready by showing him everything they've shot so far
  • Smith is elated with everyone's performance so far, saying "There's not a weak link in this bunch"
  • The film has only 8 days of shooting left, but they are editing as they go and will have a finished cut ready for the wrap party.
  • There's no distributor for the film, but they are aiming to show the film and pick one up at the Sundance Film Festival this January.
  • Smith describes the film as "Christploitation," which he describes as "a concept that, sadly, extends far beyond a dopey film genre."
  • The film is largely being made in chronological order and currently stands at about 52 minutes with a target 80-85 minute total runtime.
  • The movie won't be insulting to Christians.
  • The first kill in the film is graphic enough that we won't forget it "Guar-an-teed"

Considering Smith has spent the bulk of his career making pot comedies with dick and fart jokes, I'm genuinely curious to see what Red State is all about. Lord knows that the people of the Westboro Baptist Church have everything coming to them, and I look forward to hearing what the director has to say.

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