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Scorsese may have an Oscar, but does he have one of these? I think not. Director Kevin Smith took the next step forward in his transition from filmmaker to all around, multi-media, multi-platform entertainer tonight when he announced Kevin Smith: The iTunes App.

Now you too can have your favorite filmmaker (or for some of you, your most loathed) in your pocket on your iPhone. He’ll be there, whenever you want him, right next to your naughty places. What’s strange about this is that it’s not just some static application loaded with a bunch of sound effects. In some cases it seems to give users almost direct access to Kevin’s daily life. Here’s a quick list of some of the features you’ll get, should you plunk down the 99 cents to own the bearded and frequently stoned Clerks creator’s Apple-centric presence:
  • Cheese: Stream of candid photos straight from the world of Kevin Smih.
  • Twitter: Built-in Twitter clien tuned to Kevin’s official timeline. Tweet at Kevin, or Retweet his 140-character ramblings.
  • Fan Photo: Get your picture taken with Silent Bob. The silent sidekick will be auto-magically added to photos taken with your iPhone camera. Use them as wallpaper, or share with friends via email or MMS.
  • Rant: Your very own digital action figure spouts memorable sounds from Kevin’s digitzed lips. Slam your enemies, impress your friends, and family. Snoogans!
  • Media: Browse and download content from the guy who mae Mallrats> Includes albums, movies, podcasts, TV shows, and more.
  • Fanimation: A showcase of fan made videos, hand-picked by Kevin Smith.
  • News: The freshest news from the View Askew Universe.
  • Ringtone: From Kevin’s mouth to your ear. A custom Kevin ringer alerts you to incoming calls.
  • Wallpaper: Pictures of Kevin getting fatter and fatter, formatted for iPhone & iPod touch.

  • Click here to sign up for all the Silent Bob you can handle.

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