UPDDATE: Smith has piped up on Twitter to say "that's not the title yet." So there's still hope!

Whether it's because of the provocative material he chooses or the fact that he's cursed, Kevin Smith seems to be locked in a lifelong battle against censorship. The latest kerfuffle has been about a movie that hasn't even opened yet, a buddy cop comedy once titled A Couple of Dicks but doomed to a new title because those pesky TV networks just can't handle a phallic reference in their advertisements. While, of course, having no problem with this.

Anyway, the movie has apparently begun the test screening process, and a tipster at Ain't It Cool confirms what we feared: the movie has been slapped with the super-generic title A Couple of Cops. The good news is that the movie is apparently pretty good-- the tipster says it proves that Smith "can direct other people's material and still infuse his own wit," and you should read the full review for more details. But it is depressing that a clever double-entendre of a title that hearkens back to old-school 40's movies about private dicks has been changed to something so generic.

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