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A few days ago Kevin Smith promised that the new title for the movie once known as A Couple of Dicks would actually be awesome, and not the cop out that was the original alternative title, A Couple of Cops. Now The Film Stage has come across the new title, and it's a cop out after all. No, literally. The title is Cop Out.

Now we know what Smith meant when he promised "we can now advertise our movie properly (& ironically)." The tongue-in-cheek title makes perfect sense coming from the guy who used stick figures to advertise his last film when the MPAA balked at the original poster. Obviously nothing will top the brilliance of A Couple of Dicks in terms of combining subject matter and Smith's trademark juvenile humor, but this comes close.

The Cop Out trailer, as promised, will run in front of Sherlock Holmes, which gives you just one more reason to check out Guy Ritchie's next.