You may, after this, secretly suspect that Kevin Smith’s Red State is being cast based on the director’s love of television. So far he’s added people from Walker, Texas Ranger and Veronica Mars (on which Smith once guest starred), but maybe that’s not a bad thing. Veronica Mars was a good show and he’s hired one of the more interesting members of the cancelled detective series’ cast. According to The Wrap he’s bringing in former Mars villain Kyle Gallner along with Forbidden Kingdom’s Michael Angarano and better knowns Dermot Mulroney and Steven Root to form Red State’s supporting cast. Melissa Leo is also rumored to be considering a part.

Last week we told you that Michael Parks was on board as the movie’s lead, playing a character loosely based on Reverend Fred Phelps, the real life leader of the infamous, hate-pedaling Westboro Baptist Church. This is the same group that recently staged a protest outside San Diego’s Comic Con, claiming the attendees were practicing idolatry. Wherever they see people having fun, the Westboro Baptist Church is sure to show up and try to ruin it.

It’s an odd cast for an odd concept. Smith has long described this as a horror movie, which I guess makes Phelps the movie’s equivalent of a serial killer. But does he kill people with hatred or actually run around with a knife? Maybe we’ll find out more when production begins on September 22nd.

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