Craig Robinson, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville and Camilla Belle are all people who could conceivably star in a comedy together-- Robinson is a minor member of the Apatow crew, Graham was in The Hangover, Knoxville is the original Jackass, and Belle, at the very least, can be the token hot girl of any given comedy. But these four fine folks will actually be ensemble members of a comedy led by Kevin Spacey-- and that makes the whole thing even more bizarre than I possibly could have imagined.

They've all joined the cast of Father of Invention, which stars Spacey as a recently freed jailbird billionaire who is trying to rebuild both his relationships with his family and his reputation. According to THR Robinson plays the new husband of Spacey's ex-wife, Belle his daughter, Graham the daughter's lesbian roommate, and Knoxville Spacey's new boss. It's all topsy-turvy enough to be hilarious, though I'd honestly forgotten that Kevin Spacey can be funny, and I wonder if he remembers too. Maybe Knoxville can catapult him or kick him in the groin or something to jump-start the comedy process.

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