Hopefully you were pumped a few weeks ago to hear that Lionsgate picked up Kick-Ass for distribution, meaning that Matthew Vaughn's bloody, violent and possibly brilliant superhero movie wouldn't be a Comic Con success and nothing more. And whether you were in Hall H for that show of footage, are a fan of the comics or are just curious to see Nicolas Cage being good again, you should be extra pumped to hear that Kick-Ass finally has a release date, and will hit theaters April 16 of next year.

This news comes from Lionsgate's Twitter feed, where they figured they'd break the news directly to the fans who would care most. In addition, Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables will be coming out a year from now, on August 20, making it the kind of late-summer guilty pleasure that gives you one last chance to turn off your brain.

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