The 24 movie is one I've long been ready to throw on the pile of "projects that are never going to happen"-- not only is the show going off the air this season, but it was cancelled, which isn't exactly strong evidence of a rabid fanbase out there. But one person, obviously, who's not letting the dream die is Kiefer Sutherland. Jack Bauer himself was over in the UK talking to IGN, and though he recently wrapped 24's 8th and final season, he promises there's still more to come.

Sutherland says screenwriter Billy Ray has finished a script for the film, and that instead of sticking to the 24 format of unfolding in real time, it will condense for the two-hour movie, meaning it will be basically any other action movie ever. Sutherland also said that a bomb won't necessarily be at the heart of things this time: "It doesn't have to be a bomb. It can be something personal that people understand."

I remain so doubtful that the movie will ever get made that I'm not even going to try and speculate what the big threat might be, but I welcome you guys to give it a shot in the comments. Are you also unwilling to let Jack Bauer walk off into the sunset?

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