At this point Kiefer Sutherland seems to be the only person who actually believes that a 24 movie will happen, since as of December the script had been rejected by the studio, and in January we learned that Sutherland was the one person taking meetings with Tony Scott, who was considering taking on the project. So it shouldn't come as that big a surprise that this morning on the morning talk show circuit, Sutherland was once again talking up the project's potential. But if you want to take this as a sliver of hope, be my guest.

According to Coming Soon's intrepid morning-news-show-watcher Ed Douglas, Sutherland appeared on both Good Morning America and Live With Regis And Kelly to promote his appearance in the Broadway show That Championship Season, and was asked about the potential for the 24 movie by both sets of hosts. He gave the longest answer to Regis and Kelly:

"We hopefully will start next January and I think Tony Scott is one of the directors that has expressed great interest in doing it and he would be fantastic, so I'm very excited about that."
You can also see video of his Regis and Kelly segment below (the 24 starts around 45 seconds in). There's no new information there, and no sense that anything has changed in the last few months, but it's somewhat notable that Sutherland still isn't trying to put all this speculation to bed. Is a 24 movie any likelier to happen now? Definitely not. But those of you still hoping for it can at least rest assured that Sutherland is also on your side.

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