So I know a lot of you guys were less than happy when Perri mercilessly teased the first poster for Knight and Day, in which Tom Cruise plays a super spy and Cameron Diaz is the woman forced to follow him in a day's work. And I'll admit, the poster wasn't really great shakes-- but the new trailer is a whole other story.

The trailer, which debuted today at E! Online, strikes a nice balance between comedy and action, and features both Diaz and Cruise looking as appealing as they have in years. The gimmick of the trailer, which involves Diaz's everywoman character recounting her adventures to a skeptical friend, is also way more clever than the usual voice of god intoning "Mary Rogers was an ordinary woman... until..."

Check out the trailer below so you can actually believe me when I say this movie looks good. And for those of you who thought Cinema Blend had a vendetta against this movie, never underestimate our staff's ability to disagree with each other. That's what makes us special.

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