Hope may not be dead for Fletch Won. The movie project has become something of a yo-yo, moving back and forth between good news and not so good news. Kevin Smith and Jason Lee – up, Lee busy with “My Name is Earl” – down, Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff – up, Braff off – down.

The last news was that Joshua Jackson (Pacy from “Dawson’s Creek”) was the leading interest for the role of Fletch. Lacking that Chevy Chase outlandishness, the announcement of Jackson was incredibly ill-received. But hope is not completely lost. It appears Jackson isn’t the only contender for the role.

In a recent interview with MTV News reporter Larry Carroll, “The Office” star John Krasinski stated that his name has been tossed around for the role of Fletch, although he doesn’t know if an offer is forthcoming.

The actor appears in the upcoming License to Wed and, while he isn’t exactly as zany as Chase was in his heyday, Krasinski certainly plays comedy better than Jackson. He has a phenomenal sense of comedic timing and can say things perfectly with just one look, and, his role in “The Office” has given him the opportunity to bare his heart while making people laugh, giving him good experience with a wide emotional spectrum.

Unfortunately, by Krasinski’s own admission, he’s been out of the picture filming a movie in North Carolina, so doesn’t know who is and isn’t in the running anymore. He seems to think the recent Jackson news doesn’t mean the role is completely locked out yet though.

I still would prefer to see Jason Lee or Zach Braff in the role, but Krasinski would be a hell of a lot better than Joshua Jackson in a comedy like this.

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