Though she's never managed to become the gigantic star that the Veronica Mars devoted thought she should be, Kristen Bell has done really well for herself lately showing off her comedic chops, primarily in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but hey, When in Rome made $32 million, and we won't take that away from her.

In Whales Bell won't be doing starring duty, but she has signed on to play a looks-obsesssed Los Angeles TV reporter, according to THR. The film, set in Alaska in 1988, tells the true story of three gray whales trapped under ice, and the people-- including a local reporter (John Krasinski) and a Greenpeace activist (Drew Barrymore)-- who work to free them. From the sound of it Bell will be the kind of media opportunist who only gets in the way, and given how good she is at playing the conceited pretty girl, I'm just fine with that. Whales is directed by Ken Kwapis and will presumably start filming fairly soon.

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