Kristen Bell turned 30 this year, which technically makes her old enough to be a mom, but given the fact that she was playing high schooler Veronica Mars just six years ago, it's a little hard to picture her with kids, much less a daughter old enough to be taking ballet lessons. I guess it's OK to age up Bell a little if it's for the sake of snagging a great part, though, which seems to be the case with Dance of the Mirlitons, a black indie comedy that's going into production five years after the script landed on the Black List of best unproduced screenplays.

The script had originally been picked up by Warner Independent, a specialty division that shut down in 2008; the script by Evan Greenberg (who will also direct) is now in the hands of producers Daniel Dubiecki and Joel Michaely, who are now looking to cast the daughter with Bell on board. According to THR they're looking for an unknown and blatantly citing Little Miss Sunshine and Billy Elliott-- two previous indie hits, of course-- as inspirations.

Though Bell's character will likely be the charismatic Mama Rose character, a stage mom who will stop at nothing to make her daughter a ballet star, the 11-year-old daughter role could be even more fascinating, a girl shoved into the harsh world of competitive ballet. Greenberg originally wrote the idea as a short story in middle school, and says "I've never felt about anything like I do about this. It's etched in my psyche."

The "pushy young stage mom" role sounds like something Reese Witherspoon would nail, but Bell is an even more interesting option, a tiny blonde able to be both intense and likable at the same time. Though she's headlined her own romantic comedy (When in Rome, since you've probably already forgotten), Bell hasn't yet found the kind fame she deserved post-Veronica Mars. What better way to get there than a sharp role in an acclaimed indie comedy? It worked for Ellen Page.

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