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Kristen Bell is tired of waiting for Warner Bros. to get going on that long rumored Veronica Mars movie and has decided to take matters into her own hands. Moments ago the pint-sized actress, soon to be co-star of Burlesque, and former Veronica Mars, began organizing a campaign on twitter where she's asking fans to demand that Warner Bros. make Veronica Mars into a feature film.

The campaign is still in its infancy but already, a search around twitter will reveal the @wbpictures twitter account being flooded with fan requests doing just as Kristen suggests, demanding the movie fans have been passively hoping to get, for so long. If you love Veronica Mars and want to do your part, all Kristen asks is that “fans send petitions & any obsessive behaior u have 2 @wbpictures & demand the film.” You can do that, can’t you? To help Kristen Bell demand a Veronica Mars movie, simply click here.

The last official word on the status of a Veronica Mars film came back in April when series creator Rob Thomas said he still wanted to do it, and held out hope that they might find a way. But he didn’t sound very hopeful. Clearly his Veronica, Kristen Bell, is still incredibly passionate about playing the character.

The series ended its run on network television in 2007 after three seasons. When it started out in 2004, Veronica Mars was about a teenage girl who'd begun to take an interest in her father's detective business. That sounds like a gimmick, but what made the show so brilliant in the first season was the character of Veronica herself, and the way she responded to a town which hated her and blamed her family for all its problems. Veronica was the ultimate outsider and the series, believe it or not, is a lot like the later written and now much vaunted Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. If Hollywood thinks Dragon Tattoo is worth making into a movie, then maybe now is the right time to revisit giving Veronica Mars her due.

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