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The show Veronica Mars has a a nice-sized cult following, and one of its most sincere fans is the show's star, Kristen Bell. A long time advocate for the series to get a feature film as a proper sendoff, Bell even went as far as to organize fans to demand it earlier this month. But if she can't get a studio to finance it, she's willing to do it all by herself.

Bell has gone on record saying that she would personally finance a Veronica Mars film herself, should Warner Bros. decide not to, according to THR. Speaking on behalf of the show, Bell understands the studio's concern about making its money back, but sees it as her duty "to prove to Warner Bros. that there is an audience," reinforcing that by saying, "You already have 3 million who watched it every week, hardcore fans that will see it -- you can only build from there." The actress also said that she would settle for a Web series, but feels the material deserves a big screen treatment.

It's refreshing to hear from a performer so passionate, both about her work and her fans. So often actors take roles simply for the paycheck that you sometimes can't help but think of them as leeches who care more about money than art. Bell, though, cares so much about the show that she's willing put up her own millions to get it made, and not just for herself but for the people that care about it as much as she does. How many other stars would do the same?

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