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Well here’s a pretty creepy casting idea. Various sources are floating the rumor that Kristen Stewart may play Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman. That idea alone isn’t particularly creepy, actually it seems sort of natural given Stewart’s popularity with the tween set any modern-day fairytale retelling is likely to court. No it’s creepy because Viggo Mortensen is already in talks to play the Huntsman.

In the classic telling of the Snow White story that wouldn’t be a problem, the Huntsman is just an assassin sent to kill Snow, who then feels guilty and lets her go. But in this retold version he’s supposed to be some sort of protector, and won’t some sort of romantic hookup be sure to follow? Viggo is at least thirty years old than Kristen Stewart, and that idea just seems gross.

Maybe this new movie, being directed by Rupert Sanders, simply won’t go there. But I’m not sure what else they’re going to do, I mean lock a blossoming teenage girl in a remote cabin with only a bunch of dwarves and a swarthy huntsman for company and eventually she’s going to gravitate towards the hairy old dude with the knife. It’s not like she’s going to get cuddly with Grumpy whom, I’m hoping for no particular reason, will be played by Wee Man. Kristen Stewart hooking up with Wee Man would be even grosser than Kristen Stewart hooking up with Viggo.

If Stewart takes the film it’ll be her first big studio project outside the Twilight franchise. Till now she’s spent all her Twilight-free time doing mostly ignored (except by me, I loved The Runaways) indie movies. Yet Kristen Stewart’s involvement is, at this point, still just a rumor. Other actresses are thought to be testing for the part, in particular THR says Emily Browning is trying out.

For now we’re working the phones looking for some sort of confirmation, and maybe a few more details on how this Stewart/Mortensen thing will really fit together. We’ll let you know when we know.