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The LEGO Movie Was Almost A Musical, And Would Love To Do A Real One In The Future
One of the best episodes of Clone High is about a new drug craze hitting the titular high school, but rather than being an average after school special parody the whole thing is a rock opera featuring original songs written by Lord, Miller and their staff writers. Music has played a significant role in their careers ever since, with even The LEGO Movie featuring the insanely catchy pop song "Everything is Awesome," and it’s something that the two filmmakers would like to explore even more in new projects.

Asked about the role music plays in their creative process and any ideas of potentially writing a musical, Lord said that he and his writing partner had worked on one together previously (presumably the long in-development Bob The Musical) and that at one stage there was a possibility that The LEGO Movie was going to feature a lot more music.

Their main appreciation for the artform comes from how impressed they are when something can both rhyme and be funny. "It’s actually really pure because of rhyming and because of the meter, it helps create an expectation that you can then subvert at the last second, in the fourth line of the verse," Lord explained. "It just kind of boils down comedy to its purest form."

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