Director DJ Caruso spoke with SCI FI Wire and spilled all things Shia LaBeouf. The director worked with him on Eagle Eye and has a read on LaBeouf’s interest level in playing Yorick in Caruso’s take on Brian K. Vaughn’s beloved comic, Y the Last Man. The director also has some tidbits from the script to share.

Anyone who has a crush on Shia LaBeouf knows the tiny bit of self-hatred that comes along with it. It seems that director DJ Caruso must know this, because it sounds like he’s got a little bit of a man-crush on our dear Shia. He brags to SCI FI Wire “Shia and I talk all the time.” The Y the Last Man director claims that He’s definitely interested…and when I feel it’s right, I’ll show him the script. I think Shia is going to take a little break, relax and take some time off. I would like him to do it if our schedules work out." Looks like this director has found his muse!

Y the Last Man could definitely use some LaBeouf-like casting to boost public awareness of this amazing comic. The comic follows Yorick Brown in his adventures as the last man on earth. After a pandemic destroys every living male mammal, Yorick and his monkey are the only creatures with Y chromosome left. Caruso is working with Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia) on adapting the comic into a screenplay. The duo have turned in a portion of the script to Warner Brothers and are now working on the ending.

Caruso explains “We came up with some really cool things that would enhance act three and be close to what is happening in the series of books. It was a ground-breaking idea. I know [the rewriting] is taking longer than I thought, but it's a really great project, and it's important that you focus on the story and get it right.” He also confirms the swelling rumors that the film will be part of a trilogy: “It's definitely a three-parter. Trying to fit in the whole story in one is too much."

Although this will be a disappointment to some fans, Yorick’s sister, Hero, will not be a principle character in the film. “Hero, is in the script at this point, but she is not as much of a character as she was in the first draft. Right now, she's sprinkled throughout, but she's not a major, major character." But don’t worry, agent 711 is rounding out into a proper badass The 711 character is in it, and she's insane. She does teach [Yorick] a life lesson or two in a very interesting way. It's a comedic, yet horrifying, scene. She's very cool. Sounds like a trip!

Annoyingly enough, Caruso explains that none of the female casting has been discussed with actresses. When asked about the possibility of Alicia Keys playing agent 355, Caruso balks It's too early to talk about who we're going to cast, and it's nice that the fanboys and fans are talking about it, but we haven't talked to her about it yet. If we don't get Alicia Keys, though, I'm sure I'll make a pretty good choice." Alicia Keys? How could anyone other than Jada play agent 355?

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