He doesn't have the name recognition of Judd Apatow or Adam McKay, but Larry Charles is a comedy director that knows how to make you laugh. His film career is limited, but he is the man behind Borat, Bruno and multiple episodes of the incredible Curb Your Enthusiasm. But a talented guy like Charles can only stay out of the limelight for so long and now he's being shoved right into it.

Deadline reports that Larry Charles will now helm the film Pierre Pierre starring Jim Carrey. In the film, Carrey will play an obnoxious Frenchman who is attempting to transport a stolen painting from Paris to London. The project has been around for two years now and originally had been tapped as a project for Jason Reitman who later dropped out.

It has felt like ages since we last saw Carrey doing his rubber face routine and this film could be the perfect venue to bring it back. Back in 1995 there would be lines around the block to see two hours of Carrey putting on an outrageous French accent and getting into trouble. The man, of course, is now 15 years older, but let's have faith that he can do it again.

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