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Adding on to yesterday's news that Jane Lynch would be playing the benevolent Mother Superior in the Farrelly Brothers' Three Stooges movie, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Larry David is also in talks for a role. They weren't able to suss out exactly what role it would be, though they know it won't be one of the Stooges-- who are set to be played by Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and probably Chris Diamantopoulos at this point.

The EW article refers to David as an old friend of the Farrellys, which may seem surprising given that their brands of humor-- Curb Your Enthusiasm's harsh sarcasm versus Dumb and Dumber's gleefull anarchy-- seem pretty opposite. But if you want proof you can read this fairly hilarious The Wrap account of a red carpet event at last year's Tribeca Film Festival, where David walked the red carpet alongside the Farrellys simply because he felt like hanging out. So if he thinks that's fun, why not pop into their Stooges movie anyway? Start rooting now to see David get bonked over the head at some point, and maybe they'll do us a favor and make it happen.

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