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I've been excited for a while now about The Danish Girl, a drama that's been planned as director Tomas Alfredon's follow-up to Let the Right One In, starring Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow as a couple whose relationship changes when the husband (Kidman) gets a sex-change operation. You can basically pick which part is the best-- Aflredson, two actresses getting a chance to stretch, a weird and potentially lovely story, even the possibility of Kidman and Paltrow making out (though, really, if that's what you're looking forward to most, you can just leave).

But now the situation may have changed substantially. The Playlist picked up on an interview in the Swedish press in which Lasse Hallstrom said he'll be taking over for Alfredson on the film. Through the mangled translation engine, Hallstrom seems to have basically said that he doesn't know why Alfredson bailed, but apparently he wanted further tweaks to the script, while the producers said there wasn't enough time.

Filming begins in mid-May in Budapest, Prague and Denmark, according to the article, and Kidman and Paltrow are apparently still on board. Hallstrom was a big name once upon a time, directing The Cider House Rules and The Shipping News, but now he's the guy who made Dear John. Are actresses of Kidman's and Paltrow's stature really going to want to work with the Nicholas Sparks guy? If this report turns out to be true-- and if it came from Hallstrom directly, I can't see why it wouldn't be-- we may see some more casting shakeups before filming finally gets going.

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