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There are very few things that Hollywood does well, but one thing that it has appeared to master is making a bad idea worse. This is usually done through unnecessary sequels, ill-advised remakes, bad personnel involved, or a mix of those options. Up until now, Platinum Dunes' remake of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds has sat in the second category, being quite possibly one of the worst ideas of the past decade. Despite the shit-storm that idea represents, however, there was one tiny silver lining - Martin Campbell was attached as a director. So how they managed to make this bad idea even worse?

They're replacing him with a horror-remake hack, of course! Pajiba has reported that Martin Campbell has officially dropped the project in favor of The Green Lantern, and that he has been replaced by Dennis Iliadis, who is best known as the director of this year's The Last House on The Left remake. Worse yet, it appears that Iliadis has no patience for Hitchcockian suspense, and will be pumping the film with plenty of blood and gore to get an R-rating, ignoring Campbell's original plans. It is expected that the script will once again change hands for a remake more in line with Iliadis' ideas.

I don't want to get too angry here (this is just the movies after all), but fuck this asshole. I would rather watch Betty White get it on with Wilford Brimley than watch this man's "interpretation" of The Birds. I first saw the original in 7th grade and understood that it was Hitchcock's subtlety that made the film great, so I have to ask, what is Illiadis' learning disability is that he can't seem to grasp that concept? I'll admit, there are some films that should be remade, particularly those that have become outdated or were poorly executed the first time around, but neither of those flaws can be applied to any of Hitchcock's classic films. I'll end this article with a simple plea: leave The Birds alone.

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