I do have to ask because this is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first starring role in such a long time and he’s such a legend in the genre. When you first met him or when you first saw him step out on set what was the first thing that ran through your mind?

I’m looking at the guy thinking, “Oh geez, I won’t say anything stupid, I’ll shake his hand. Is he a hugger? Because I’m a hugger!’ [laughs] And he walked right up to me and said that he was happy to meet me and that he’s excited and he was honest about it! That was the thing, he’s a very genuine guy from one spectrum to the next. If he doesn’t like something you know about it, if he likes it you know about it. Everything he does and says comes from his heart – and he almost has a childlike innocence sometimes that I really enjoy and when you see people who were your idols growing up and you see that they’re good people, but they’re also human…that means a lot to me because it shows me that people who have done this for a very long time are still very respectful, still very much an equal with everyone else, not above them, and the way he is just made me go, “That’s the way I’m going to be.”

Just because I'm a huge nerd, I know that you guys have wrapped on Thor: The Dark World, so I’m curious what we’re going to see from Lady Sif this next time around. How has she evolved?

Physically she has a more feminine look in this film. You get to see her in a few different, new costumes. And you also get to see her be a bit more vulnerable. And you get to see her be a little bit more of a woman too! We do explore the Thor-Sif relationship a little bit.

In the romantic sense

On her side, mostly. But it’s neat. It’s more like an admiration and love for somebody that she’s grown up with and wants to protect, and that’s her thing. Sif cares about the people she loves and she’d do anything for them. And you see her do that in this movie.

Did you get a chance to work with Christopher Eccleston as Malekith at all?

I can’t answer that! I will get shot.

Aw, man! I almost just did, and I was like, “I can’t answer that.” I will get in so much trouble. But yeah, we have a lot of good people in this movie. It was a lot of fun.

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