Adding a little bit of credence to that Natalie Portman/Jet Li rumor, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are both reporting on Snow and the Seven, an East-meets-West adaptation of the classic “Snow White” fairy tale. While no casting has been announced, the project has attracted a director: Francis Lawrence of Constantine and I Am Legend fame.

Because the name is different than the story we reported earlier today, I initially thought these were two separate projects, but they share one name: Yuen Woon-Ping, fight choreographer for The Matrix and Kill Bill movies. While the Portman/Li rumor says Woon-Ping would direct the movie, clearly that’s not the case here. Lawrence will direct while Yuen Woon-Ping would choreograph the fights.

The concept of the Snow White adaptation would follow a British girl in 19th century Hong Kong. Realizing that her destiny is to confront an evil power, the girl is trained by Shaolin monks – guess how many? Yup, seven. Thus, Snow and the Seven, although Walt Disney Productions says that’s only a working title.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yes, this is a Walt Disney Production. When was the last time we saw a totally kick-ass Walt Disney kung-fu movie? Needless to say, there’s more to be concerned about than that Portman casting.

There’s still enough difference in the listed stories that these could be two completely different, coincidental titles, but I’m guessing not. Of course, I’m still thinking the Portman thing is just a rumor and unlikely, while Francis Lawrence coming on board of this picture is solid news.

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