A trailer for Edward Norton's comedy Leaves of Grass has debuted at Apple.com, and I have to admit, after seeing it I still didn’t really get any sense of what the movie is actually about. Norton plays two identical twin brothers who couldn’t be more opposite if one was a bird and one was a fish. One’s a country bumpkin who’s gotten himself into a spot of trouble, and one is a city slicker who has to head back to Oklahoma to help him out. That’s about all I could gather.

From there the trailer jumps into gun fights and one-liners without actually getting into why one brother is in the shit and how his fancy brother being there will save him. But the movie does look pretty funny, and Edward Norton never fails at bringing his A game, so with him doing dual roles this one could turn out pretty great.

I hope Norton isn’t expecting Oscar consideration though, because they don’t seem to like when one actor plays two characters brilliantly (Eff you Academy for snubbing Sam Rockwell this year). Leave of Grass hits theaters April 2nd; you can check out the trailer below.

Watch in glorious HD over at Apple.

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