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While we’ve all seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens six or eight times by now, we’re looking forward to the DVD release of the film because there’s still more to see. The disc promises several deleted scenes, and now we’re getting some info on exactly what they are. One of the most interesting scenes promises more time with one of our old favorites, General Leia. Not only would we have seen more of her if this scene had been included in the final cut, we also would have seen Leia much earlier in the film.

According to Entertainment Weekly, one the scenes that will be part of the home DVD release includes BB-8 sending a distress call to the Resistance following the massacre on Jakku. The scene would have shown us General Leia at the Resistance base weighing her options and deciding what the best way to respond is. This change would have made Leia the first of the characters from the original Star Wars trilogy that we would have been introduced to. While Carrie Fisher still has a significantly larger part than, say, Mark Hamill, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens we still would have liked to have spent more time with her than what we got.

In the theatrical cut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we don’t see Carrie Fisher as General Leia until about midway through the film, when she lands on the planet Takodana following The First Order’s attack. It’s a fitting introduction, as it’s also the first time that Leia and Han have crossed paths in what appears to be several years. Because that meeting is so powerful, the scene would have been still been as strong- even without it being the first time that the audience sees Leia.

In the grand scheme of things, the deleted scene sounds inconsequential, which is likely the reason it was cut out. It simply wasn’t needed, and they didn’t want the movie to end up being overly long for no good reason. Although it does possibly answer one question that we had following Star Wars: The Force Awakens. How does Poe Dameron get off Jakku? If BB-8 sent a distress signal at some point, the Resistance likely would have sent at least one ship to attempt to recover Poe and BB-8, if not a larger force in case they came into contact with The First Order. This very likely could have turned into Poe’s escape after he crashed back on the planet with Finn.

Are you excited to see more of General Leia in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens deleted scenes? What else are you hoping to get a glimpse of? Sound off in the comment section below.