Roland Emmerich seems to be trying to end apocalypse movies once and for all with 2012, in which he thoroughly destroys the world so badly that even the Himalayas get flooded. But 2009 has obviously been a banner year for depictions of our own demise, and that train isn't going to stop just because Emmerich says so. THR is reporting that Live Free or DIe Hard director Len Wiseman will next tackle mass destruction, directing an untitled pitch about survivors of the apocalypse who try to figure out just how they got there.

It doesn't sound all that unlike the 2012 TV sequel Emmerich has been talking up, but then again, when it comes to apocalypse stories, either everyone dies or some people survive and figure out what happens next. We have no more details on what Wiseman plans for this particular version of our demise, but if he he brings in the Lycans from the latest Underworld movie he directed, we are officially uninterested.

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