Normally here at Cinema Blend we like to bring you film news that’s beyond the most basic stages. If we reported every script idea that made the rounds, ninety percent of our stories would end up being pointless within a week. Hollywood manufactures and discards story ideas with a reckless abandon, but now and again, one comes along that’s too tempting to pass up. You saw that earlier today with the Will Ferrel/ Zach Galifianakis political candidates pitch, but since it’s a Friday night and I can’t get enough of Thomas Lennon, here’s another pitch announcement.

According to Deadline, Lennon and Rob Riggle are pitching a new comedy entitled The Boondoggle. The spec would follow the pair as they play executives that head off on a boondoggle business trip that goes south quickly. For those of you unfamiliar with the idea of a boondoggle: let me explain. Basically, the term originated during the 1930s when the media caught wind of a New Deal program in which the government paid for unemployed workers to learn how to assemble boon doggles, some bullshit arts and crafts project involving leather. The taxpayers footed the bill, and a new slang term describing a useless expense was born.

Now, details are still a little fuzzy on how exactly the trip implodes, but the term boondoggle itself sort of implies those involved realize massive amounts of time and money are being wasted, but they just don’t care. Thomas Lennon and Rob Riggle both have a nice everyman schmuck vibe about them; so, I would definitely buy those two as dudes happily cashing a baseless check.

No studio has bitten yet, but look for someone to do so within a matter of days.

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