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WIth all the marketing focusing on cutting-edge technology and space weaponry and battle cries, there's something we're not really talking about with regard to Avatar-- it's probably going to have a lot in common with Titanic. Not only is James Cameron too smart and too money-hungry not to try and replicate just a little of his most successful movie ever, but the plot elements are all there-- a forbidden love set against an action backdrop, two people coming together from two different worlds to try to unite, and let's face it, probably some kind of tragic ending.

With the recent announcement from Atlantic Records about the official Avatar soundtrack, we may be running into the "this is the new Titanic!" section of the marketing. And the key to it all is Leona Lewis. The British singer will be filling in the Celine Dion role this time, having recorded the film's end title song "I See You." The title doesn't have quite the same ring as "My Heart Will Go On," but then again, maybe it won't have the same ear-splitting quality either. Lewis worked with composer James Horner and Simon Franglen on the song, the same two guys who created "My Heart Will Go On." Yes, all the elements are coming into place.

Below is a video of Lewis's biggest hit, "Bleeding Love," along with the "My Heart Will Go On" video, in case you've somehow managed to forget it in the last 10 years. The Avatar soundtrack comes out December 15, 3 days before the movie premieres globally.

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