Yesterday, we were given the first full clip from Prince of Persia since the trailer came out and it was full of all kinds of parkour action (if you could see any of it amidst the ridiculous editing). But what about that whole "acting" thing the stars have to do when there's not walls to climb or buildings to jump off? Well this new clip shows off a bit of that as Ben Kingsley explains the reasons to attack to young Dastan.

It's not really the type of scene that gets people's attention since the only thing people seem to respond to these days are explosions and quick cuts, but it's a good scene and shows that, within the pile of action that has been relentlessly tossed at us in the trailers, there is actually a story line. The clip is an enjoyable first look at the actual meat of the movie, despite the shaky accents. Check out the clip called "We Attack at Dawn" below.

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