Here’s the first poster for Larry Crowne, a movie I probably wouldn’t be excited about if it didn’t star Tom Hanks, but since it does I should probably be even more excited about it. Hey, I even liked The Terminal. Put Tom Hanks on a scooter riding just about anywhere, I’m there. Bonus points if you put Julia Roberts on the back of it.

So here they are scooting on the movie’s first poster, followed by what I assume is the cast of Wild Hogs 2 (whatever happened to that sequel?), whizzing off into Larry Crowne’s affable world. I love it. I feel better just looking at it:

Larry Crowne stars Hanks as a downsized big-box store employee who, faced with mounting debt, drops it all and decides to go back to college. Odds are that in this current economic climate you know at least one person in your real life who’s doing exactly that. I know two. This seems pretty relevant.

For more on Larry Crowne including a high-res look at the poster, the film’s trailer, and more visit its dedicated page in the BFD.

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