Fans are understandably hesitant to embrace Overture Films’ remake of the beloved Swedish vampire filmLet the Right One In, but the early word on Let Me In has been nothing short of spectacular. Overture, for their part, is doing everything they can to win fans. They’ll be at Comic Con next week with some sort of big unveiling, and to ramp up for that they’ve started sending out bloody funnels.

That’s right, bloody funnels. If you’ve seen the original film you know that victims are drained for their blood using rather pedestrian instruments. In the new version, a funnel comes into play and, somehow it ended up on my doorstep last night with no clear way to know what it was supposed to be for.

There was however, this return address:

While Let the Right One In took place in Sweden the remake Let Me In takes place in snowy Los Alamos, New Mexico. And then there’s the date the crime took place:

February 17, 1983. Let Me In takes place in the 80s, during the dead of winter. That fits. So this is somehow related to Let Me In. Sort of cool. They really went the extra mile on these little packages, it even smells like dried blood. When I first opened the box, the whole thing literally stank like death and the air was thick with the tang of long dried human fluids. Maybe this is a taste of the sort of gruesome coolness they’ll have in store for everyone at Comic Con. Bring a nose plug.

Based on the 2008 Swedish movie Let the Right On In and also in part on the original novel on which that movie was based, Let Me In tells the story of a little boy who befriends a little girl who is not a little girl. She's actually a vampire. Look for it in theaters on October 1st.

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