Liam Neeson is still waiting for Steven Spielberg to get his act together so that he can at last play Abraham Lincoln, but in the meantime, he'll play another American President who played a landmark role in Civil Rights. Lee Daniels told MTV that Neeson has signed on to play President Lyndon Johnson in Selma, Daniels' next film about the civil rights march that took place in the Alabama city in 1964.

Daniels also confirmed that Cedric the Entertainer will play Martin Luther King Jr.'s close associate Ralph Abernathy, while Englishman David Oyelowo was confirmed last week to play King. He also entered us into the next round of "is he or isn't he" speculation about Robert de Niro's role as Alabama Governor George Wallace; at one point De Niro was the only confirmed actor for the film, but Daniels told MTV, "Wallace is not [cast], but [an offer is] out. We're waiting for a deal to close." Is that an offer to De Niro? Did he drag his feet so badly that Daniels just gave up?

De Niro or not, Daniels is assembling an impressive cast here, clearly cashing in on his Oscar success. Presumably there are still plenty of civil rights activist roles left to go around, so black actors, send in those resumes! And De Niro, get it together and sign on already.

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