I doubt Liev Schreiber has much of a choice when it comes to returning for Wolverine 2. Presumably he signed a contract that would see him playing Sabretooth as long as they need him, and the only question becomes whether or not they want to continue Wolvy's rivalry with his brother, or move on to bigger and stranger villains.

But at today's junket for his new film Taking Woodstock, Schreiber says he's not certain he'd be ready to return as Victor Creed. "I'm over 40 now, and do I really want to go through the physical stuff that it took to pull that off again? I'm not so sure." At the same time, he sounded a bit like a fanboy when discussing possible futures for his character. "As an audience member, I'd be really interested to see how you'd go from the Liev Schreiber Victor Creed to the Tyler Mane Victor Creed [from X-Men]. So I'd like to see that."

Schreiber filmed Taking Woodstock almost immediately after wrapping Wolverine, meaning he was still sporting gigantic biceps in his role as drag queen/security guard Vilma. It's a funny contrast, and Schreiber says the vibes on the two sets were completely different as well. "Taking Woodstock was more about watching Ang Lee work, getting a chance to go and watch somebody who I really respected work. Whereas on big, action, effects-driven films, you sort of have to take care of your work. Everyone is so busy, everyone has so much work to do, you really have to take care of your own performance, and manage it. In this movie it was much more open to saying, 'Oh, what do you think Ang, where do you want to go? OK, I'll wear the blond wig."

For anyone who enjoyed Schreiber's Sabretooth but might have felt a bit exhausted by all the violence, Taking Woodstock is a nice middle ground, offering Schreiber in a completely different mode as the liberated and tough drag queen who encourages main character Elliott (Demetri Martin) to come to terms with who he is as well. We'll have more later from Schreiber on his role in the movie and his plans for the future, including whether or not he'll work with his wife, Naomi Watts, again. Taking Woodstock comes out August 28.

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