We've still got several months before we can all check out Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova, which follows a family who flees a dying Earth in 2149 and resettles in the distant past, back when Earth was less doomed, albeit considerably more dinosaur-y. Of course, Terra Nova won't be Spielberg's first time walking with dinosaurs. He infamously fulfilled the dreams of every eight-year-old boy ever back in 1993 when he gave the world the most convincing dinos any of us had ever seen in Jurassic Park. And then, you know, there were a couple of sequels. Eh.

Digs on sequels notwithstanding, if Terra Nova whets your appetite for more Speilbergian dinosaur action, Universal Home Entertainment is stepping forward to give you your fix. While it's been rumored for a while now, Universal has confirmed to The Digital Bits that the Jurassic Park trilogy will be coming to Blu-ray later this year. There is no official street date or info on the set's contents yet, but it is slated to arrive in time for the holidays.

Update: The set hasn't been posted on Universal's press site yet, so we'll have to list this cover art (courtesy of Blu-ray.com) as not officially confirmed. We'll post more details as they come.

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