The Hangover Part II bombed critically, earning itself a more rotten tomato than director Todd Philip’s last film, the ill-remembered Due Date. I think my favorite part may have been the fact the production was sued over Ed Helm’s copycat tattoo. Regardless of where The Hangover Part II landed critically, it did quite well at the box office. Now Warner Bros. is hoping to capitalize off of some holiday season success.

The Hangover Part II will appear on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 6. Blu-Ray copies will come in a combo pack featuring the company’s new ultraviolet accessible digital copy, a technology that Sony is also trying out. There’s no word yet on whether or not the ultraviolet copies will maintain relevance. However, forcing buyers to purchase a more costly combo pack just seems like another way to scrimp a little more money from people’s wallets, which is likely more annoying than the fact the comedy release won’t even come in an unrated edition.

The good news is, if you were a Hangover Part II fan and you don’t mind checking out the combo pack, you will get several bonus features. Gimmicky-but-fun features will include a laugh track, a gag reel, and a mash-up of the action scenes. A segment on Todd Philips's comedy will also be included, as well as a feature called “Bangkok Tour With Mr. Chow.” A special on the monkey character in the movie will round out the extras. Overall the at-home release looks decent, and it is already on pre-order sale over at Amazon, which just might make it the right holiday purchase for some juvenile boy you know.

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