It's no secret that just about every actress in Joss Whedon's target age range is ready and eager to play Wonder Woman. Add Lindsay Lohan to the list. How would Wonder Woman look with red hair and freckles?

Lindsay told British newspaper The Sun that she's "desperate" to get the role. I guess she's tired of starring opposite CGI'd up Volkswagens and would prefer an invisible jet.

Why is she so keen to play a super-heroine? "I'm trying to find roles right now that are different to anything I've done to show my abilities, to show that I have some sort of stretch in me," she says. That probably also explains why she's working with Robert Altman in his upcoming movie A Prairie Home Companion. Actually, most of Lindsay's upcoming movies are a far cry from the usual Disney fare she's done so far. There's no doubt she's interested in stretching.

But, would Wonder Woman writer/director Joss Whedon want her? Assuming of course he ever finishes his script. She might fit the bill. Whedon's on record that he's looking for a younger actress, someone "statuesque, regal, beautiful". Lindsay isn't exactly "regal" but she is beautiful. Of course he also says he wants someone who can really act. Can Lindsay?

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