Lionsgate's adaptation of What To Expect When You're Expecting remains a pretty blatant ripoff of the He's Not That Into You formula-- take a book about a general human experience, link up a bunch of stories vaguely related to the theme, and presto-- but at least they're now taking a small step in the direction of making this tolerable. Deadline reports that the studio has hired Whip It! writer Shauna Cross to rework the script for the film, which follows five couples as they prepare for parenthood.

What made them turn to the writer of a funny movie about roller derby I'll never know, but Cross showed real skill with the Whip It! screenplay, which was a fresh take on the coming-of-age story and one of the more original and honest depictions of female friendship on the screen in years. I can only hope a little of that translates to What To Expect, which presumably will focus more on relationships between men and women and their babies and all that. Harumph. I want more badass women on roller-skates, and I want them now.

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