For the longest time the Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard-written horror film Cabin in the Woods has been sitting in a place worse than development hell: the dusty shelf. Completely finished, the only reason why the movie hasn't been released is because MGM went bankrupt and couldn't afford to release it. Well, if Cabin in the Woods stays on the shelf any longer you won't be able to kick the puppy that is MGM anymore - it's Lionsgate's movie now.

Deadline reports that the two studios are now working out a distribution deal that could finally get the film released in theaters (though there is still no set date). The strangest bit of trivia about the project is that Whedon and Chris Hemsworth - who stars in the horror movie - have already begun working together on their next collaboration: The Avengers. The film also stars Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford.

Once this deal is completed, however, MGM still has one holdover from before they were bought out - the remake of Red Dawn, which, coincidentally, also stars Chris Hemswoth. I find it hard to believe that the positive buzz surrounding Thor has nothing to do with the Cabin in the Woods deal, meaning that Red Dawn shouldn't be too far from a deal of its own.

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