For the life of me I don't understand why more horror movies aren't made on the cheap. Granted, they normally cost less money than most Hollywood fare, but you really don't need big name actors or crazy effects to make them work. You just need a fresh idea and some solid marketing. If you can accomplish those two things, a small but loyal contingent will show up, turning a nice profit for both studio and filmmaker. The Paranormal Activities and Insidious followed those requirements to great success; so, it's really no surprise that same producing team is at it again, this time joining forces with Lionsgate.

The studio has purchased the American distribution rights to The Bay. Directed by Barry Levinson and produced by that highly successful team of Oren Peli, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider, it follows the outbreak of an untreatable disease from its first detection among fish to its ultimate spread amongst the human population. As per usual, it was made on a shoestring budget and picks up the Blair Witch/ Paranormal Activity trope of framing the narrative around so-called found footage.

Speaking a bit about why Lionsgate was so excited to acquire the film, Jason Constantine said, “This film works so effectively because it establishes a very natural, everyday world, places the audience intimately within it, and then sits back as everything takes a horrific turn.”

No word yet on a possible release date, but the with the product finished, it's now left to the studio to figure out the season where they could best maximize profits.

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