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As we gear up for this Sunday's Oscar ceremony, it's easy to feel a lot of dread about what will probably be a predictable slate of awards-- Colin Firth will win Best Actor, David Fincher will win Best Director, yada yada. But there's one thing I guarantee you won't be able to predict, and that's host James Franco, who has proven over the last few years that he'll do pretty much anything, whether enrolling in multiple fine arts programs at colleges around the country, getting his grandmother to swear on video or, uh, star in a Planet of the Apes prequel. That unpredictability will serve him well as an Oscar host-- even if he and co-host Anne Hathaway only do all the usual host things, it'll still somehow seem subversive and weird.

Sadly, one thing Franco apparently won't be doing is performing Cher's cruelly un-nominated number "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" from Burlesque. On his newly established, totally-worth-following Twitter account Franco posted the video you can watch below, with the message "They pulled this from the Oscar show. Damn it." It's not actually video, just Franco singing Cher's song wildly off-key, laughing to himself and being encouraged by other people in the room. It's hilarious and energetic and well worth a listen, though if we're being honest, probably not what you wanted taking up precious time at the Oscars. Really, the odds that he was ever actually going to perform it are pretty low too. Take a listen below, and cross this off your Bingo sheet of "Weird Things James Franco Might Do At The Oscars."

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