It's not a difficult equation to figure out who might be Fox's first choice to star in The Fantastic Voyage, but let's go through it anyway. Back in February the studio hired Shawn Levy to direct the project, proving they like him. Just days before that Levy had set up another project at the studio, proving he likes them back. The star of that project, plus this fall's forthcoming Real Steel and the sequel for that film that's already in the works, is Hugh Jackman, proving he and Levy like each other. So if Fox is looking for an A-list star to lead Fantastic Voyage, whose number do you think Levy already has on speed dial?

Whether acting on logical speculation or actual insider information Deadline is reporting as much, that Jackman could star in the film while he waits for the studio to finally put him to work on The Wolverine, and presumably while former Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse finishes up the script on the other project Jackman and Levy are working on. The studio is probably anxious to get going on the project, given how many false starts they've already endured so far-- James Cameron has been developing the project as producer at least since 2006, and directors as varied as Roland Emmerich, Paul Greengrass and Louis Leterrier have come close to getting it going. Levy seems to be the most serious prospect, though, and if he can bring his A-list pal Jackman along for the ride, we can probably expect to see the movie actually happen this time around.

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